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The VILLAGEPUMP 500 yields at least 500 litres of fully purified, cool drinking water an hour or over 4 m3 per day, all of the qualities that meets WHO standards. Each Villagepump employs multi-stage filtering that reduce diseases by removing waterborne pathogens that can cause diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera and hepatitis. The units can operate from all forms of surface water, including ponds, lakes and streams.

The VILLAGEPUMP 500 is ideal as a compact water treatment system wherever fresh surface water is available or with water storage systems (e.g. rainwater harvesting). Pure water can be directly dispensed to any intermediate storage facility.

The pump is fully mechanical and hand-powered, constructed on the basis of proven technology, without using any vulnerable electronics. The use of robust materials gives an expected life span of at least 5 years with normal use. As the mechanical components are assembled in a modular manner, the VILLAGEPUMP 500 is very easy to maintain and exceptionally user-friendly. Above all, the use of modular components facilitates easy assembly and production can be locally subcontracted. Component parts are easily disassembled.


Ontwerpbureau en IP tekeningen : Rob van Opdorp designs

Design: Rob van Opdorp en Engineering: Maarten Willems/ Rob van Opdorp

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